Renew, Refresh and Reawaken

Renew, Refresh and Reawaken

Spring is in the air! Watching everything come into bloom and taking in all the deep spring colors after a winter here in Michigan is so beautiful!

Spring is a time to renew, refresh and reawaken! It is when everything seems to come back to life! It’s when we can step outside and smell the rain, the earth, the wind and really appreciate the elements that many of us try to hide from during the colder months. Sitting outside watching all the little animals become so busy with all the spring tasks they have at hand . Adding the final touches to their nests or homes for the young ones they just bore are about to. It really is a happy time of year.

It’s a great time to cleanse ourselves of anything we need to eliminate. Whether it’s a diet detox or a mental detox, this is the time to start fresh and new and clean out our body, mind and spirit. Find a favorite recipe for a spring detox and use this as a way to make a fresh start to eat a healthier diet. Take a yoga class to help rejuvenate your mind and spirit as you keep them connected and help you to connect to the rest of the universe with you focus and your breath.

Take the time to check out your local Farmers’ Market and CSA’s so that you can keep the momentum that you create going and are able to keep that “Spring Cleaning” constant in your body, mind and spirit. We are lucky because we have the opportunity to treat each day as the first day of the rest of our lives, so whether you actually start to renew, refresh and reawaken today or tomorrow, the important thing is that you make the time to do so and to take care of yourself.

Happy Spring!