Om in Your Home…

At Om in Your Home, we offer yoga & meditation classes, workshops, and training that you can participate in live or in the comfort of your own home.  Our Yoga & Meditation classes are offered on a weekly basis and we also offer more in-depth classes in a workshop format on specific topics. Yoga teachers can benefit and earn CEU’s from training that we offer such as; Chair Yoga Teacher Training, Meditation and Pranayama training, as well as Yoga for Brain Longevity workshop. Om in Your Home also offers some in-person classes & workshops as well. For specific times and dates of everything we offer, check out our Events and Yoga pages.

At Om in Your Home, we feel that yoga is for everyBODY and we offer modifications so that every level
is able to participate in the practice. We are also aware of the stress that people of all ages feel and therefore, we offer Meditation Coaching as well as private yoga sessions to help you learn how to navigate through the stressors in your life with the practice of yoga, meditation, and pranayama.  

At Om in Your Home, we also offer Lifestyle Enhancement through one-on-one, personalized development. Utilizing the modalities of yoga, meditation, and nutrition, we can help you develop the lifestyle you have been wanting to create but just need some guidance to get there.  All of these personalized programs are outlined on our website.

Meet the founder…

Jasmin Cromwell, ERYT-200, YACEP, NC
Founder of Om in Your Home

Jasmin has been practicing meditation for nearly 50 years and has been teaching yoga & meditation for nearly two decades. She has always been interested in healthy living and nutrition and became a Holistic Nutrition Consultant in 2006, and has been a “Healthy Living” instructor with workshops and classes since 2008. 

Her mission is to help people make their own body, mind, and spirit connection through the fusion of good nutrition, meditation, and yoga and has brought this vision to Om in Your Home. For nearly two decades Jasmin has helped people of all ages learn how to keep their minds less cluttered and more centered, their body more flexible and stronger, and helped them to be more in tune with what foods and supplements are needed specifically for them. She invites you to trust in Om in Your Home to help you through the changes you would like to make in your life or to keep you on the path you are already on.