Postpartum Doula Services

Postpartum Doula Services

The postpartum doula is a trained and knowledgeable non-medical professional who assists families during this critical postpartum period. They offer emotional and informational support to the family as well as practical help. Their knowledge in mother and baby care enables them to assist with postpartum comfort measures, breaast-feeding support, non-judgemental guidance in infant care techniques, information on normal postpartum restoration and infant development and assisting the whole family emotionally through this transition.

The postpartum doula helps families increase their chance of a successful breast-feeding experience as well as an increased length in time they may breast-feed for.

Postpartum doula services will also help lessen the chance of maternal postpartum depression. Working with a doula allows the mother to talk about her feelings, to talk about the birth of her baby, to have someone with experience and training to talk to and to confide in. The doula acts as a role model, a confidante and someone just to listen to the mother in a non-judgmental way. This is a great need for the new mother as it will help build her confidence and therefore make her feel less depressed.

The doula, helping out with small chores and other household support, allows for less maternal exhaustion. Because the doula helps to keep the house running smoothly, the mother experiences less frustration and apprehension during the first weeks after having her baby.

There can be a reduction in unnecessary calls to the pediatrician with a postpartum doula. The doula is able to help the mother learn more of the newborn’s emotional and physical cues and needs. This helps to build the new mother’s confidence in her parenting skills. Although when the experts are needed, the postpartum doula knows when to make the proper referrals. She knows when a problem goes beyond her scope.

Fathers are also encouraged to be involved which helps build their confidence in caring for their new baby as well. They are able to go back to work sooner with less anxiety because the doula has helped both he and the mother to learn more about newborn care and feeding. Fathers realize that the moter will have the support she needs from the doula while he isn’t there.

There is much evidence-based information that supports what women have been telling their friends and families and birth doulas for years: the postpartum doula’s support is a benefit to everyone involved. Whether it is a first child, multiples. or an additional, ultimately families that work with a postpartum doula will have the support they need to help them give the best possible care for their baby.

Some of the services the postpartum doula provides are:

  • In-home non-medical postpartum care
  • Reduced risk of postpartum depression
  • Breast-feeding support & assistance
  • Emotional & physical support
  • Guidance in newborn & mother care
  • Help with family bonding & integration
  • General household support
  • Your pathway to community resources
  • As a postpartum doula, I want to be the person that makes a difference in another woman’s life. I want to be there for her and her family so they can realize that being a parent, although a very natural role, is still a learned one. It is OK to have questions, apprehensions, or to not know everything. I want to be there to encourage and support her decision to breast-feed and to be the coach for her when she gets frustrated and wants to give up. And, if she has a serious problem, where breast-feeding is not an option, I want to remind her that she gave it all she had and not to beat herself up.

    As a women and a mother myself, I know how valuable a postpartum doula is to families, mothers and their new babies. And there is much evidence based information to show us that working with a postpartum doula will help reduce the risk of postpartum depression by over 25%.

    Our services are at $25.00 per hour. We work with you for a minimum of 3 hours per day and 3 days per week. A phone consultation is free and an initial in-home consultation is $25.00.

    Click on the Doula Assesment page and print out the assessment sheet to determine what your needs are for a postpartum doula. Making this determination before interviewing a doula is very helpful to you and your family, as well as your doula.

    Remember, this is a wonderful time in your life – having the support of a postpartum doula will help you through this time so you are able to feel confident and enjoy this time even more.