Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Springtime… it is a beautiful time of year! Everything is so fresh and new… it feels like everything is reawakened and rejuvenated. It makes us want to start fresh. That may be why many of us take this time to clean out our closet, attic or garage. This spring, you may want to consider a little spring cleaning for your body, mind and spirit as well. A safe, spring detox is a great way to move the stale energy that’s in you as well as releasing any toxins. There are many different types of spring detox cleanses to consider, but I would never recommend you cleanse specifically  for weight loss (although, sometimes that’s just an extra bonus from a cleanse!)

If you practice yoga, this is a great time to continue with your practice and add some twists to your practice. Twists actually massage your internal organs which will help to loosen the toxins within you. You’ll also want to drink plenty of clean, filtered water after your practice which will help flush the toxins out of your system.

Another wonderful way to help move the stagnant energy within you is to come to standing with your feel about shoulder width apart. Inhale your arms up over head. As you exhale, start to fold forward as you bend the knees and the arms swing down and up behind you. On your next inhale, come back to standing as you straighten your legs and bring the arms up overhead. Repeat this breath-work for 10 more rounds. You will feel invigorated and it really will help move the stale energy within you.

Check out the many different seasonal fruits and vegetables that are so fresh and perfect for you to eat right now. Here is a link to a wonderful asparagus frittata, a big hit for your family on Easter or Mother’s Day!

I hope you are able to take the time to enjoy the beauty around you and are able to truly live in the season upon us.