What I Love About Yoga!

What I Love About Yoga!

I have always been a fan of yoga and it’s benefits and recently I was certified to teach it. Although I am not as young as I used to be (who is?), I think this is the time in my life when I should be practicing yoga.

What I love about yoga the most is the fact that it takes me inside. I connect so well with my body, mind and breath and that connection stays with me longer and longer throughout my day as I continue my practice day after day. My yoga teacher says even if you practice yoga for a few minutes a day… you are still practicing yoga. I try to remember that if I am only able to squeeze in a few Sun Salutations in the morning upon rising.

I also love that yoga is strengthening, lengthening and toning my muscles; it improves my flexibility; it helps with my posture and keeps my spine flexible (a young spine is a younger body!). I love how yoga keeps my joints and tendons lubricated; that it massages my internal organs; that it helps to rid toxins from my body; I love how it increases my energy and blood circulation; how it helps with my balance; it helps every system in my body including the endocrine, digestive and circulatory. I love how yoga calms my breath and helps me to practice mindfulness (have you ever tried to do a balance pose while not focusing on what your doing along with your breathing… no time to think about other stuff!) I love yoga because it helps me to be more conscious of me and what I am doing – not just during my practice, but throughout my day! I love yoga because it is so pure, it is what I make of it, it is my practice and it has no judgment. And I really love yoga because it has really helped me to love myself more.

Be well and Namaste….

If you are interested in taking a yoga class, please contact me at jasmindoula@aol.com for times and locations of classes I am teaching or go to Yogafinder.com